About Hornsby Local Court

Hornsby is an Upper North Shore suburb of Sydney, 25 kilometres north west of the Sydney CBD.

Hornsby is a busy hub of businesses and shopping outlets. It is well serviced by train and buses. The Pacific Highway, a major road passes through Hornsby. On the eastern side of the Pacific Highway are Hornsby Police Station, Hornsby Local Court and Hornsby Council Chambers.

Hornsby Local court was built in 1925 and is one of the landmark buildings in Hornsby.

William of North Shore Criminal Law regularly appears at Hornsby Local Court, representing clients on, for example, domestic violence, traffic matters, drug charges, fraud and larceny offences.

If you have been charged with an offence and received a court attendance notice for Hornsby Local Court it is important that you get expert legal advice well before your court date.

If you have an upcoming criminal law matter at Hornsby Local Court, call William Vahl on (02) 9955 2298 or 0400 4464 24 for help. William Vahl is an Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law and has over 20 years experience representing people in Hornsby Local Court.