Downing Centre Security

When you arrive at the Downing Centre Local Court and enter the building you will be asked to place all of your belongings on a baggage scanner. Your belongings will be scanned. You will also have a full body scan by a security officer using a hand-held metal detector.

Recently stricter security measures have been put in place, which will require you to remove any electronic devices such as laptops, mobiles, headsets, anything with batteries, etc. from your bag or person. These items are then scanned separately.

You must comply with these security measures to be allowed into the Court. The Court Security Act 2005 provides for security of courts and the powers of security officers. If you do not comply with lawful directions given to you by a security officer, you may be committing an offence under this Act.

Prohibited items and/or illicit substances are not permitted to be taken into the Downing Centre. Prohibited items that cannot be taken into the Downing Centre include weapons, items that could be used as weapons or an item that could conceal a weapon. If you are found to have a prohibited item, such as a weapon or illicit substance in your bag or on your person it will be confiscated and handed over to the police.

There are some items which are not allowed into the Court rooms but can be left with a security officer until you leave the Court.

These items include:

  • tools, such as screw drivers, spanners, hammers
  • scissors, box cutters or other sharp implements
  • motorcycle helmets
  • syringes, unless you have medical authority to use one
  • alcohol

You can take your mobile and other electronic devices with you after you pass through security, however your mobile phone must be switched off before you enter any of the courtrooms. It is an offence to take photographs or use an audio recording device inside a courtroom. You can however seek permission from a judicial officer if you need to take photos or audio recordings for a legitimate reason.