Are you unhappy with the sentence you received in the Local Court?

Were you hoping to get a s.10?

Did the Magistrate find you guilty when you should have been found not guilty?

You have the right to appeal to the District Court.

It is a simple process to file a District Court appeal. If you appeal your case will be re-heard in front of a District Court Judge. You may well get a better outcome – about 40% of appeals are successful – and there is no risk of getting a worse outcome.

There are time limits. You must file your appeal within 28 days of the date of conviction. You can still file an appeal up to 3 months from the date of conviction with the permission of the Court.

William Vahl is an Accredited Criminal law specialist who has appeared in numerous District Court appeals and can give you a well-informed and frank assessment as to your prospects of success and the costs involved. If you are considering an appeal phone him on (02) 9955 2298 or 0400 446 424 for a free telephone consultation.