Assault charges include:

Assault charges range in seriousness from fairly minor common assaults to extremely serious sexual assaults. There are a number of legal defences available to assault charges. If you get the right advice at an early stage you can significantly improve your prospects of successfully defending an assault charge.

North Shore Criminal Law can help you if you have been charged with assault. If you are being held at a Police Station or if the Police have asked you to come in for an interview we can:

  • Attend the Police Station with you to vigorously assert your rights and to give you advice about your options
  • Advise you whether you should take part in an interview with Police (you usually have the right to decline to take part in an interview)
  • Advise you about available defenses you may have to the assault charges, negotiate with Police, and represent you in Court.

We can also seek bail, adjournments, and if necessary file Appeals.

Expert legal advice is essential in assault matters to make sure your rights are aggressively defended.

William Vahl of North Shore Criminal Law regularly appears in these local courts.

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