Assault Police

Assault Police charges carry severe penalties.  Under section 60 of the Crimes Act 1900:

1) A person who assaults, throws a missile at, stalks, harasses or intimidates a police officer while in the execution of the officer’s duty, although no actual bodily harm is occasioned to the officer, is liable to imprisonment for 5 years.

This penalty is increased to 7 years if the assault occurs during a public disorder. A public disorder is defined as a a riot or other civil disturbance that gives rise to a serious risk to public safety.

If the assault on a police officer occasions actual bodily harm the penalty for the assault increases from 5 years to 7 year imprisonment. If the assault occasioning actual bodily harm occurs during a public disorder the penalty is further increased to 9 years imprisonment.

Under section 60 of the Crimes Act 1900:

3) A person who by any means:

a) wounds or causes grievous bodily harm to a police officer while in the execution of the officer’s duty,  and

b) is reckless as to causing actual bodily harm to that officer or any other person,

is liable to imprisonment for 12 years.

The penalty for the above increases to 14 years imprisonment if the assault causing grievous bodily harm or reckless actual bodily harm is carried out during a public disorder.

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