Will I have a criminal record?

If the Court makes the AVO you will not get a criminal record.

However, if you breach the AVO you may be charged with a criminal offence. The maximum penalty for breaching an order is a fine of $5,500 and/or 2 years imprisonment. Unless the court orders otherwise, a person who is convicted of breaching an AVO must be sentenced to prison if the breach involved an act of violence.

Although you will not get a criminal record, there are consequences of having an AVO against you. They include:

  • You must surrender any firearms you may have to the police. Any firearm licenses or permits you have will be automatically suspended
  • You will not be allowed to apply for another firearms license for a period of 10 years
  • A record of the AVO against you will be kept on file in the police database
  • You may not be able work in certain professions such as security offer, police officer, child care worker, teacher etc.
  • If the AVO includes children the Office of the Children’s Guardian, and/or Family and Community Services may be notified

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