Importing and exporting weapons

There are strict controls in place in Australia for the importation and exportation of weapons and firearms.


The Australian Government’s Australian Customs and Border Protection Service controls the importation of certain kinds of weapons and firearms under the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956.
If you wish to import weapons into Australia you must seek permission and satisfy specific criteria and tests which include the following:

  • the police certification test
  • the official purposes test
  • the specified purposes test
  • the specified person test
  • the dealer test
  • the returned goods test
  • the collectors and non-government museum test
  • the historical items test.

All weapons are subject to one or more of these tests depending on the type of weapon. Applications for permission to import weapons can be made by governments, individuals and private companies. For more information on the regulations visit

If you are found to be importing weapons or firearms illegally into Australia you will need to arrange for legal advice as soon as possible as the offence carries very heavy penalties.


Certain kinds of weapons are subject to export permit requirements and conditions. Regulation 13E of the Customs (Prohibited Exports) Regulations 1958 applys to military goods, stun guns, body armour, anti-personnel goods and military grade lasers.
The maximum penalty for importing restricted weapons without import permission is a fine not exceeding $275,000 or imprisonment of 10 years, or both.

If you have been charged with a firearms offence call us immediately on 9955 2298 or on our emergency service 0400 44 6424.