Bribery Offences

The offence of bribery is one of receiving or offering an undue reward by or to any person in public office in order to influence that person’s behaviour in that office and to incline that person to act contrary to accepted rules of honesty and integrity. The mere offer of a bribe, or corrupt inducement, even if the offer is rejected, is considered an offence, and therefore a bribery charge.

Importantly the offence of bribery can be considered to be committed even if the recipient of the bribe does not act in a way so as to disregard their duty or act dishonestly upon receiving the bribe at the time the bribe was offered, at a future time or it has been argued at anytime.

Bribery charges (when bribery of a public official is committed) carries a maximum 10 years imprisonment and hefty fines.

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