Double Demerit Points

Speeding, seatbelt, helmet and mobile phone offences attract double demerit points during holiday periods, such as long weekends, Christmas, New Year, and Easter.

The Demerit Points Scheme is a national program that allocates penalty points (demerits) for a range of driving offences. The scheme is designed to encourage safe and responsible driving.

In the 2015 Christmas Holidays the scheme was expanded to include mobile phone offences. Mobile phone offences now attract double demerit points during holiday periods. Since 2016, the penalty for illegal mobile phone use while driving has been increased from three points to four points.

Roads and Maritime Services publish the following guide to double demerit periods, below:

Double demerit points apply from midnight of the start date to midnight of the finish date.

Public Holiday

Gazetted Public Holiday

Double Demerit Point Periods

Australia Day Friday 26 January 2018 Midnight Wednesday 24 January to midnight Sunday 26 January (or Thursday 25- Sunday 28 January inclusive)
Easter Friday 30 March 2018
Saturday 31 March 2018
Sunday 1 April 2018
Monday 2 April 2018
Midnight Wednesday 28 March to midnight Monday 2 April (or Thursday 29 to Monday 2 April inclusive)
Anzac Day Wednesday25 April 2018 No double demerits apply
Queen’s Birthday Monday 11 June 2018 Midnight Thursday 7 June to midnight Monday 11 June (or Friday 8 to Monday 11 June inclusive)
Labour Day Monday 1 October 2018 Midnight Thursday 27 September to midnight Monday 1 October (or Friday 28 Sept to Monday 1 October inclusive)
Christmas and Boxing Day Tuesday 25 December
Wednesday 26 December
Midnight Thursday 20 December to midnight Tuesday 1 January (or Friday 21 December 2018 to Tuesday 1 January 2019 inclusive)
New Years Day 2017 Tuesday 1 January 2018 Included in the Christmas period above.

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