New laws passed in NSW Parliament to crackdown on mobile phone usage in cars.

In a world first the NSW Parliament has introduced new laws to allow for speed camera style detection of illegal mobile phone use by NSW drivers in a bid to reduce the number of mobile phone related accidents.

In the 2016-17 financial year alone more than 40,000 people were fined by NSW Police for illegal mobile phone use. With the introduction of new camera detection technology this is expected to dramatically increase.

Currently a fully licensed driver is not permitted to use their mobile phone unless it is ‘hands free’. Drivers are not allowed to hold their phone, have it in their lap or cradle it between their shoulder and ear. A fully licensed driver caught illegally using their mobile phone receives a $330 fine and four demerit points. Learner drivers (P1 and P2) are not permitted to use a mobile phone at all, including when stuck in traffic.

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