If you have been charged by the police you will receive a Court Attendance Notice. This notice will name the offence you have been charged with, and the name of the Act in which the offence is listed.

Find out more about offences under the Crimes Act 1900:


           Division 1 - Homicide

   17.     (Repealed)
   17A.    Date of death
   18.     Murder and manslaughter defined
   19.     (Repealed)
   19A.    Punishment for murder
   19B.    Mandatory life sentences for murder of police officers
   20.     Child murder--when child deemed born alive
   21.     Child murder by mother--verdict of contributing to death etc
   22.     Trial for child murder--verdict of concealment of birth
   22A.    Infanticide
   23.     Trial for murder--partial defence of extreme provocation
   23A.    Substantial impairment by abnormality of mind
   24.     Manslaughter--punishment
   25.     (Repealed)
   25A.    Assault causing death
   25B.    Assault causing death when intoxicated--mandatory minimum sentence

           Division 2 - Conspiracy to murder

   26.     Conspiring to commit murder

           Division 3 - Attempts to murder

   27.     Acts done to the person with intent to murder
   28.     Acts done to property with intent to murder
   29.     Certain other attempts to murder
   30.     Attempts to murder by other means
           Division 4 - Documents containing threats

   31.     Documents containing threats

           Division 5 - Suicide

   31A.    Suicide and attempt to commit suicide
   31B.    Survivor of suicide pact
   31C.    Aiding etc suicide

           Division 6 - Acts causing danger to life or bodily harm

   32.     Impeding endeavours to escape shipwreck
           32A-32C. (Repealed)
   33.     Wounding or grievous bodily harm with intent
   33A.    Discharging firearm etc with intent
   33B.    Use or possession of weapon to resist arrest etc
   34.     (Repealed)
   35.     Reckless grievous bodily harm or wounding
   35A.    Causing dog to inflict grievous bodily harm or actual bodily harm
   36.     (Repealed)
   37.     Choking, suffocation and strangulation
   38.     Using intoxicating substance to commit an indictable offence
   38A.    Spiking drink or food
   39.     Using poison etc to endanger life or inflict grievous bodily harm
   40.     (Repealed)
   41.     Using poison etc to injure or to cause distress or pain
   41A.    Poisoning etc of water supply
   42.     Injuries to child at time of birth
   43.     Abandoning or exposing a child under 7 years
   43A.    Failure of persons with parental responsibility to care for child
   43B.    Failure to reduce or remove risk of child becoming victim of child abuse
   44.     Failure of persons to provide necessities of life
   45.     Prohibition of female genital mutilation
   45A.    Removing person from State for female genital mutilation
   46.     Causing bodily injury by gunpowder etc
   47.     Using etc explosive substance or corrosive fluid etc
   48.     Causing explosives to be placed in or near building, conveyance or public place
   49.     Setting trap etc
   49A.    Throwing rocks and other objects at vehicles and vessels
           50, 51. (Repealed)
   51A.    Predatory driving
   51B.    Police pursuits
   52.     (Repealed)
   52A.    Dangerous driving: substantive matters
   52AA.   Dangerous driving: procedural matters
   52AB.   Offence of failing to stop and assist after vehicle impact causing death or grievous bodily harm
   52B.    Dangerous navigation: substantive matters
   52BA.   Dangerous navigation: procedural matters
   53.     Injuries by furious driving etc
   54.     Causing grievous bodily harm